What determines the costs of phone repairs

Mobile phones have become an essential part of every individuals’ life, despite the area of specialization of people around the globe. This is why it becomes difficult when you have a damaged or broken phone. You cannot go without a phone, mainly because you have become used to managing your life with your phone. Whenever you have a damaged phone, the first thing that comes into your mind is replacing it with another one. The main challenge is usually that you may not be able to budget the money that you need to get a new phone. Also, when you buy a new phone, it could take you some time before you learn to operate the new phone. This is why you should think of repairing your phone, rather than replacing it when it is damaged or broken.

Determiners of  the costs of phone repairs

When you are a phone owner, there are things that you need to know, so that you can understand if and when you are in a crisis. One of these factors is the amount of money you are likely to spend when you take PTC phone repairs in Perth. Most people think that all the repairs done to phones are usually charged the same amount of money, but this is not always the case. Some people pay less for the phone repairs, while others spend more than you can expect. This is because there are several determiners of the costs of phone repairs, and you must find out these factors before you take your phone for phone repairs. The following section contains some of the factors determining the costs of the phone repairs that you need.

  • The model of the phone

This is among the main factors determining how much you will pay for your phone repairs. Repairing specific phone models can be cheaper while others can be expensive. This means that the phone model you have will determine how much you pay for phone repairs.

  • The problem with the phone

There are many phone problems that can be repaired by the phone repairers that you select.  Some of these issues may include a mouthpiece, earpiece, screen, camera, charging port and speaker. When you take your phone for repairs, your phone’s malfunction problem will also determine the amount of money you pay for the phone repairs. Some issues are easy to fix, while others are more complicated. Therefore, the easier it is to fix a phone problem, the lesser the costs of phone repairs. This is why you will always pay more for more complicated phone problems.

  • The technician you select

Whoever is repairing your phone will also determine the amount of money you will pay for the phone repairs. Some people will charge more for their services, while others can be more considerate, based on the situation. However, others will charge more because they have more experience in repairing mobile devices and if they are reputable. People who are still attracting customers will charge less, so that more people can come to their phone repair shops.

Can all mobile phones be repaired?

You must know whether all the phone problems can be fixed so that you can make a wise decision when your phone has a problem. You can fix some of the issues while you cannot fix others. It is recommended that you talk to the phone repair technician you choose before you decide on whether your phone can be repaired or not. If the problem cannot be fixed, the only solution you will have is buying a new phone.

How body cameras can benefit officers on duty

Majority of civilians strongly support the use of body cameras by officers. It is considered an effective way of curbing misbehavior on duty. Regardless of public opinion there are also a number of other benefits for police officers if they wear body camera while on duty.

The benefits of using body cameras

It would not be an understatement when you say that the police officers have an extremely dangerous job to carry out. There are a number of occupational hazards associated with the line of work. There would be instances when an officer might have to address a situation which is violet and might come across unpredictable individuals. There are incidents when they might get injured or lose their life while on duty. Although body cameras may not be able to influence police behavior  in stressful situations but it can actually help improve the safety. When an individual believes that they are being recorded they might have less aggressively if they felt that they are being recorded or someone might not know what they have done. A body camera which is in line with the officers line of sight is a deterrent for burglars and criminals.

Using a body camera can result in increased public confidence in police. There are a large number of individuals was strongly in favor of using these. It might be seen as the way of inspiring accountability in the officers around the country. It can help change the perception of the public and allowed them to feel more confidence in their officers. While these are not solely responsible for policing the whole population body cameras serve as a first step to developing good relations within the community.

The footage taken from body cameras can be used for training future officers as well. This is because we get to experience real life examples and learn from the situation. They can be alerted of high stress and high stakes jobs which come with a whole lot of responsibility. Body cameras also include audio which make them effective addition to a police training program. By looking at the experiences of other officers and how they behave in certain situations the new officers can accelerate the learning and learnt to defuse situations which might be potentially harmful for them.

It can also reduce instances of false accusations of police misconduct. There have been several instances when Police officers have been laid off duty despite no specific fault of their own. This might be due to either misunderstanding on behalf of the community or any member who might want to falsify them and spoil the name. If an officer is wearing a body camera it can seriously reduce misconduct complaints by up to 30%.

Personal body cameras backed by intuitive features are a practical solution for the officers. Most of these battery cameras are integrated with other officer tools. These are devices which are designed for life in the fields and police officers feel a word if they are able to upload the footage easily and attached to the case file. This means that they would spend less time typing and doing the paperwork and would spend more time serving the community.

Employment Solicitors in Melbourne

Who is an employment solicitor?

This is a lawyer specialised in dealings to do with employee compensation against the employer who has acted in contrary to the stipulated laws. They are only allowed to represent their clients where employment tribunal has a jury. These include the following areas:

  • Victimisation, discrimination, and racial harassment
  • Victimisation, discrimination and sexual harassment
  • Sexual orientation discrimination
  • Age discrimination
  • Disability discrimination
  • Religion discrimination
  • Pregnancy discrimination or any other condition that is gender-based
  • Workplace bullying
  • Unfair dismissal
  • Redundancy
  • False redundancy claims for unfair and unlawful dismissal
  • Compromised agreements for dismissal in terms of the finance settlement
  • Working time regulations
  • Forcefully resigning because of the behaviour of others

Most employment solicitors operate under the principle of ‘no win no fee,’ and they handle compensation claims with expertise that will always win cases for their clients and subsequent compensation. This is natural because if they don’t win a case, they will not get their compensation as well. Their cases normally involve claims of redundancy, racial harassment and sexual discrimination and unfair or wrongful dismissal. Immediately after dismissal, an employee should seek advice from employment solicitors because there is a limited duration in which an employee can file a dismissal case in the tribunal.

Dismissals handled by employment solicitors should be water-tight if at all success will be realised. Otherwise, the victim should accept and move on with their lives as usual without court cases. An employer is usually expected to issue warnings in written form before dismissal for the tribunal to certify that the dismissal was fair, prior to dismissal, an employer is expected to undertake thorough investigation and highlight the vindications that the employee is accused of for them to justify the dismissal actions, failure to which the tribunal will require the employer to prove beyond reasonable doubts that the employee was incapable to perform his or her duties, was redundant in the workplace, employee was accused of an illegality or any other substantial reason that warrants dismissal. The employment contract must be one or more years to warrant a tribunal to hear the case suit. Below one year, it is not possible to file a case of unfair dismissal.

For the case of constructive dismissal, where there is a serious breach of contract by the employer which is dismissed by the employees, they are entitled to resign and claim compensation from the employer.

An employment solicitor depends on numerous statutes or regulations designed to protect the unlawful dismissal of employees by their employers which include the following:

  1. Healthy and safety at work Act
  2. Employment Rights Act
  3. Disability Discrimination Act
  4. Sex Discrimination Act
  5. Race relations Act
  6. Criminal justice and public order Act
  7. Protection from Harassment Act
  8. Employment equality (belief or religion) regulations Act
  9. Employment equality (age) regulations Act

Constructive dismissal

Constructive dismissal happens when employers make working difficult for the employees until a point in which employees cannot stand anymore, and they are forced to resign. For the constructive dismissal to see the light of the day in the tribunal, there must prove that the employer breached the contract of engagement and that employees were forced to resign against their will.

Unfair dismissal

Unfair dismissal happens when an employer dismisses an employee unlawfully without a good reason for doing so. Taurus are employment solicitors in Melbourne who will guide the employee on ways to claim compensation from the employer for unlawful dismissal.

Diversity & Inclusion in the Workplace: Are There Any Benefits

Every HR department strives to employ the best. They search for talent and the right skills to make the organisation grow. In all these endeavours, there is a need to strike a balance between different aspects – age, race, ethnicity, skills, talents, etc. For a fact, it is easier to have a diverse workforce than an inclusive. Sadly, most people confuse diversity for inclusivity.

Diversity in the workplace

Workforce diversity means employing people with diverse characteristics. Occurs when a company understands, values, and accepts differences that people have. Such differences may include races, gender, religion, age, sexual orientation, gender, education level, personality, experience, knowledge base and skill set.

There are different perceptions of diversity:

  • Millennials regard diversity as a combination of different experiences, perspectives and backgrounds, which they believe leads to innovations.
  • Others regard workplace diversity as an equal and fair representation of all workers irrespective of demographic

Inclusion in the workplace

Inclusion is better felt when the workplace environment is conducive. Essentially, it involves collaboration, respect and support for each of the employees. Ultimately, these motivate every member to participate as well as collaborate.

Diversity & inclusion in the workplace may seem an easy thing, but it is not easy to implement. In fact, it is one of the hottest topics. Most companies view diversity & inclusion as a strategy, practice or a mission to offer support to a varied workforce, and use the resulting effect to the company’s advantage.

Benefits of diversity & inclusion in the workplace

Embracing diversity and inclusion in the workplace come with numerous benefits. Such benefits are:

Improves innovativeness

Creative concepts are usually born when people of diverse skills, background, experience, working style and even age work together collaboratively. Such a diverse team can share their ideas and offer feedback concerning an issue at hand. If one person can give a fabulous idea, another person may be having the experience to implement it.

In essence, employees get exposure to multiple perspectives and views. Combining these perspectives can bring out a novel idea – innovation.

Grows a company talent pool

A company that practices workplace inclusion and diversity attracts a diverse workforce. This is because potential employees view it as a progressive company. If many candidates apply for the same position, it is easier to sample out the best. Again, a reputable company will always retain its employees.

Improved performance

A workplace that embraces inclusivity and diversity, without a doubt, hires individuals of diverse backgrounds. This comes with a host of talent, experiences and skills. Ultimately, this leads to work being done with efficiency. Efficiency translates to higher productivity.

It is the role of human resource manager to find people with the right skills so that they can fit perfectly in the company’s portfolio. If people have different skills and experiences, they can learn from each other.

Better decision making

Making the right decision can be very difficult. But if you have a diverse team, it is straightforward to come up with better choices. A diverse team has people with different experiences and perspectives. They can share these differences, and in turn, come up with numerous solutions, which may lead to making an informed decision.

Improved employee engagement

An employee feels part of an organisation if s/he is fully valued, respected and listened to. A feeling of inclusion makes employees participate in all activities fully, i.e. if employees feel they included, they become more engaged.

5 Tips Your Tax Accountant Won’t Give You For Free

Taxes are among the most intimidating aspects of adult life and rightly so. If you are unaware of how to file your taxes, it can get very messy. That’s why, most of the time, you need an accountant or tax agent penrith to help you out. And with hiring help comes more costs. However, here are some tips that your tax accountant won’t tell you without charging you for consultation. These tips will help you reduce payables and help you generate hefty tax returns.

Self-Employment vs Salaried Individuals

Salaried individuals working for registered companies have income taxes deducted from their salaries. However, for self-employed individuals that is not the case. If you work as an independent contractor, the best way to prepare yourself for taxes is to save up 30% to 40% of your annual gross earnings aside for taxation purposes. That is a big chunk hence it is advisable to save up instead of waiting till the end of the fiscal year to figure your taxes out. Even if you are short on cash, it is better to file considering the penalties for non-filers is a lot heavier on the pocket than the tax itself.

Giving Donations

Donating to charity is not just a responsible citizen’s act, but also helps you up your tax returns. If you are accounting for the donations you made, whether in cash or old belongings (assets), you get a silver lining with it. Donations and charity reduce your taxable income, therefore, reducing the amount that is payable by you. 

Withholding Taxes

On most public affairs related transactions, governments impose a withholding tax. That can be on your cell-phone bills or bank withdrawals for instance. Withholding taxes that you have paid can also be accounted for while filing for taxes. That brings down the tax payable by a good degree. You can get information about the withholding taxes you have paid through your service providers and banks. 

Insurance and Retirement Plans 

If you have insurance or contribute to your retirement plans, make sure you account for those contributions in your tax filing. These contributions also reduce the tax payable bracket, rendering lower tax cost at the end of the fiscal year.

Simple Shouldn’t Cost 

If you have multiple sources of income along with investments and businesses running on the side than your tax configuration is a lot more complex than a usual tax-paying citizen. You should invest time and money in finding a suitable tax accountant to help you out with filing your taxes and developing a tax strategy. However, if you have a single stream of income with personal expenses to take care of, you shouldn’t opt to have a tax accountant help you sort your matter out. Low to moderate taxpayers ought not to go for expensive tax accountants, and rather consider free help.