Family Law on the Coast

The Roles Of Family Lawyers In Gold Coast

A family lawyer is someone who has studied law, attended all the practical legal classes, and been admitted to the state’s or territory’s Supreme Court. For any family lawyer to do legal work, he/she must be insured and possess the current practicing certificate.

You’ll always find most of the lawyers exposing their practicing certificate in their office. Therefore, if you can’t come across this while in his/her office, be sure that the lawyer is not qualified.

The family lawyers play an essential role in our society by listening to our problems, giving us legal advice, discussing our options, taking instructions about what we want to do and helping us to understand how the law applies to our case.

In this article, I will show you the main roles played by a leading family lawyer in Gold Coast. These are:

Following instructions

A good lawyer is the one who’s in a position of listening to us, giving us advice, taking instructions about what we want to do about our legal problem and then work as per the given instructions.

It is essential to remain honest with the lawyers since the advice they give depends entirely on the information we give them.

After listening to us, the lawyers go forward to giving us some advice. There are other situations where it becomes hard for the lawyer to give legal advice immediately. Here, the lawyers decide to carry out some research before giving out the final advice.

Therefore, the main role of the lawyer is to advise you of all the available options. Taking the lawyer’s advice into consideration is essential. However, you have control of your final decision.

The family lawyer maintains confidentiality

You’ll realise that most of your conversations with the lawyer will remain confidential. This is an indication that lawyer will not disclose your discussions to anyone else including the court or the police without your permission.

However, there are some cases where the lawyer can decide to share out your discussions such as when a given law requires them to do so, to prevent the occurrence of a serious criminal offence or when your safety or someone’s safety is at risk.

The lawyer avoids conflicts of interest

A lawyer will not work for you if:

–          your interest and that of the lawyer clash,

–          if the lawyer is acting for the other people or person involved, and he/she do not want to work as per the interest of one of you or

–          if the lawyer worked with other people or person in the past, and he/she has the confidential information connected to these people that might affect their interests negatively.

A lawyer who decides to do any of the above, the situation can be regarded as the ‘conflict of interest.’ A good lawyer should keep you informed if he/she finds out about a conflict of interest.

Make efficient communications and promptly

The lawyer must make efficient communications and promptly whenever they’re working. Also, the lawyer should be at a position of giving regular updates concerning the progress of the client’s matter.

Lawyers act honestly

A good lawyer must be honest to the client. Also, the client’s best interests should be the main concern for the lawyer. However, lawyers are not supposed to act unethically or illegally.