Is Your Mechanic Charging You More Money Than He Should?


Mechanics generally are very hard working people who do their job in the best possible manner and then just go to their homes. But like in every industry and job present, there are a few bad examples present that put the bad to the good name.

These are those types of mechanics who charge an arm’s length for the work that they do. The job might be really small but they might be charging you an amount so much that your car repair bills turn out to be a lot.

Telling you that you need a repair when you don’t

One of the most common things that mechanics do when they want to get more money out of you is to tell you that you need a repair when you really don’t need it. They might say such lines like, “I would never take my kids in such a thing!” or “I would never drive a car which has a condition like this!” These are generally things that mechanics say when they want to get some extra cash from you. If you hear such a thing, immediately take your car somewhere for a second opinion to know.

Recommending additives when you don’t need them

Car additives have a requirement and place where they are supposed to be used. Using them when your car doesn’t need them is just a burden on your pocket which your mechanic wants to levy. If there is a genuine issue that your faulconbridge mechanic is trying to fix then using a fuel additive with detergents can help you but if an additive is being used just to make your car ‘run better’ then you really need to ask your mechanic why that is taking place.

Charging you full price for re manufactured parts


If your mechanic uses re manufactured parts, there is nothing wrong with it. It is actually a great way to save money and have your car in a good condition which lasts a long time as well. But the problem that takes place is that when your mechanic says that he is using an original part but he is using a re manufactured part. This is where the extra money that he is charging goes into his own pocket.

Not grouping labor charges

There are multiple tasks present when you need to get your car repaired. But the tasks can be managed once the mechanic starts working on them in one go. If the mechanic intends to charge you more then he might bill you separately for each of the tasks. This can cause your bill to go up much higher and in turn for you to pay more.

There are many tell-tale signs present when your mechanic is charging you more so keep your eyes and ears open!